Meet our Savers


Ketia Isaac

Ketia owns a market stall in a market on the north side of Port au Prince. She recently graduated from our program and used her savings to expand her inventory. This means more goods for the community and a steady source of income for Ketia.






Fanise Surfin

Fanise's dream is to open a hair salon. She recently graduated from our program, and used her savings to buy a small herd of goats. She plans to breed the goats and sell the babies and the milk for a steady source of income. She will continue to save each month, and soon will have enough to open her salon.




Kettlie Privat

Kettlie owns a market stand in Canaan, where she sells groceries and cooks hot meals. As you can see in the photo, her stand has no walls and a corrugated tin roof. This is a problem particularly in the rainy season, when the frequent rains damage her rice, sugar, fruits and vegetables. Kettlie used her savings from our program to finish the concrete shelter behind her stand, and can now protect her inventory from the rain, and has more space to cook for her customers.


David Pubien

David recently finished our microsavings program, and used his money to open a market stand selling small electronics. David learned a lot about budgeting and saving in our financial literacy workshops, and he plans to continue saving each month now that he has a steady source of income.




Laura Jean

Laura used the savings she accumulated in our program to pay school fees for her seven-year-old daughter, Ayloudmie. In Haiti, school isn't free, and we are proud to partner with Laura as she invests in her daughter's future.





Marie Michelle Duvelson

Marie Michelle recently finished our program, and used her savings to open a small pharmacy. This brings a much-needed service to the community and provides a steady source of income for Marie Michelle and her family.