Investing in People

Our partners in Haiti have big plans. They're saving to reach their goals, and we’re saving with them.

R2R’s innovative microsavings program gives participants the extra boost they need to succeed. 

Here’s how it works:

1:1 Matching Funds

We encourage participants to save, and help them reach their goals by investing with them.

Mobile Banking

We provide a safe and convenient place to keep their savings, and accumulate more.

Financial Education

We help participants manage their money effectively and invest it wisely.


Agricultural Rehabilitation in Camp Perrin

In addition to the microsavings program we are running in Canaan, we are partnering with a Haitian run farmer's cooperative in Camp Perrin, called OPMAGAT, to assist in their efforts to rehabilitate agricultural lands damaged by Hurricane Matthew. The residents of Camp Perrin lost everything. Houses, schools, churches and agricultural lands were completely destroyed. Despite the clear need for emergency relief, we believe our efforts are best spent addressing the long term issues of food security and employment in the agricultural sector, which will help lay the foundation for sustainable recovery.

Learn more about camp perrin and the OPMAGAT farmers