What Donors Say


"I think the idea of microsaving helps lay foundations for financial growth by allowing individuals to slowly gain financial stability without risk in economically weak countrieswhich is quite a challenge. This program has the potential to really empower the poor and especially poor women. I've [donated to a] microloan service organization for years but it doesn't always seem to accomplish what it sets out to do. I don't want to place any more financial stress on someone by loaning them money. I'd rather help them save.”  

Maya F., Chicago, IL


"We believe in an organization that empowers people to get back up on their feet. We are excited to partner with Haitians in the work they are already doing."  

J.C. and Madison J., Moses Lake, WA


“There's an incredible amount of compassion and empathy driving projects of this kind, that's a lot of love. I was inspired to support this loving act without hesitation.”  

Melodia D., Albuquerque, NM


"Partnering with the men and women of Haiti so they may reach their goals for success, both personally and economicallythis is the passion of R2R. We are so grateful to be a part of this, and see the positive work being done."  

Jerad and Lisa J., Roseburg, OR